Monday, March 19, 2018

Objectives and Vision

Objectives & Vision

The Objective of The Old Port Rexian Association:


1.         To uphold the traditions and the interest of Port Rex High Technical School in their activities.

2.         To maintain contact with its past pupils, the school and provide a channel of information in both directions about activities, progress and matters of mutual interest.

3.         To promote and regulate social and recreational activities amongst its members.

The Vision of The Old Port Rexian Association:

The vision of the Old Port Rexian Association is to make a difference to Port Rex Technical High School by assisting the scholars, teachers and staff alike.

We aim to assist with scholarships, maintenance to the school, uplifting the school premises and get professional or top coaching to allow the scholars to reach their full potential in their respective sporting fields.

To be able to achieve this vision / goal we need funds – like most Associations.

The Committee has therefore decided to initiate a debit order system for those Old Port Rexians who would like to make a contribution to the Association.

I would like to encourage you to assist.