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Re-union 2013

Hi Guys

Well it’s that time of the year again, time to start the prep work for our Founders day / Re union weekend. There have been a few classes which have shown tremendous interest in staging a reunion for their year and seem very keen to organise it this year, amongst others, the larger classes are namely the classes 1988, 1993 and of course traditionally the 10 year class, which this year is the class of 2003 and is the honoured year. They have the pleasure of organising a most memorable event which is bound to be an extravaganza of note, but to achieve this we need the buy in of the class as a whole, and especially the designated organising committee of 2013, and the head prefects of that year. The reunion takes place and coincides with the Founders day, which takes place annually in August and this year is no different. The date this year is the 16th of August 2013.

Traditionally, in the past, OPRA has planned, co-ordinated and overseen the entire weekend’s activities, working very closely with the honoured 10 year reunion committee, as well as all the other reunion year committees and the schools founders’ day executive committee. This process will once again be followed as in previous years and I will be the “OPRA” liaison person at this stage or until decided otherwise by the “OPRA” Executive committee.

The hard work starts now, but that’s why we want to make an early start, so that we can cover all our bases, in order to pull off a most memorable event. The trick is to spread the word far and wide, all over the world. Get as many alumni members too not only attend in numbers, but to establish, well staffed and highly motivated and committed committees as well. The more people we have on board, the easier the task will be. One of the most important functions that we have right now is to raise funds, so that we have enough cash in the kitty to stage the most awesome reunion ever.

Please let me have all your contact details so that we are freely able to communicate with one another on all matters of mutual interest in this regard. I think the first step is to establish who will be the liaison people from each class, and then we need to start advertising this event aggressively amongst our alumni. I have also attached hereto a mini programme of last year’s event as a guide line, as I know you will have too field many questions. Last year, we set a tentative budget of R40 000. 00 but had to settle for a much smaller amount, which severely hampered our efforts, but a good time was still had by all.

I will keep you constantly up dated and in the loop on any new developments as they occur and when we intend to have our first combined meeting. Please feel free to contact me at any stage with regards to the Re-union and founders day, I will be only too glad to help or answer any questions which you may have.

So let’s do this thing. Let’s get it on... REMEMBER

'Once a REXIE. Always a REXIE'... "HOOHAAA"

Kind regards.

Howard Ziemann

Member (Old Port Rexian Association - OPRA) (Father's & Supporters Committee - GYM Club)


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Exco contacts: President: - Sedley Gower- 0826598591.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vice President: -                    Sean Allam- 0837002862  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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ActingSecretary: -                Wayne Weyer- 0827175503.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Executive: President:                                        ~ Mr. Sedley Gower                                                               (Class ~ 1983)

Vice President:                                                     ~ Mr. Sean Allam                                                                    (Class ~ 2001)

Junior Vice President:                                          ~ Mr. Dale Van Heerden                                                         (Class ~ 2001)

Secretary:                                                           ~ Mr. Wayne Weyer (Acting)                                                 (Class ~ 1983)

Treasurer:                                                            ~ Mr. Jan Coetzer                                                                  (Class ~ 2001)

Snr. Member:                                                       ~ Mr. John Acton                                                                    (Class ~ 1983)

Snr. Member:                                                       ~ Mr. Grant Kindness                                                              (Class ~ 1983)

Snr. Member:                                                       ~ Mr. Wayne Weyer                                                               (Class ~ 1983)

Snr. Member:                                                       ~ Mr. Howard Ziemann                                                            (Class ~ 1977)

Member:                                                               ~ Mr. Rory Richter                                                                  (Class ~ 2001)

Member:                                                               ~ Mr. Greg Moss                                                                      (Class ~ 2002)

Member:                                                               ~ Mr. Gareth Hewitt                                                                (Class ~ 2002)

Member:                                                               ~ Mr. Alton Beckman                                                               (Class ~ 1984)

Member:                                                               ~ Mr. Basil Birch                                                                      (Teacher)

Member: (Historian)                                             ~ Mr. Kenny Clayton                                                               (Class ~ 1977)

'Once a REXIE. Always a REXIE'...     "HOOHAAA"


Debit Donations & Fundraisers

The OPRA has decided to initiate a Debit Order System, for those Old Port Rexians who would like to make a contribution to OPRA. These funds together with other monies received will be used to assist the school with various projects.  I would like to recommend an amount of R100.00 per month; this amount should not affect the pocket that much.

 Please download the “OPRA Debit Order Instruction Form ” and return the completed debit order form to John Acton on e-mail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you would rather give a once off donation, this can also be done by depositing your donation directly into the Old Port Rexian banking account:

Account Holder: Old Port Rexian Association
Bank: ABSA
Branch: Vincent Park
Branch Code: 632005
Account Number: 9221182755

Please indicate your name (reference) on the deposit slip / transfer. It would also be appreciated if you could notify myself and John Acton should you make any such deposits / transfers.

We would like to thank you in advance should you be able to support this initiative.  We do realize that there are Old Port Rexians who cannot make donations due to financial constraints.

We are also looking at various Fund Raising events and encourage you to support these.

Our first big fund raising event was held on Thursday, 24th September 2009.  We hosted Centre Stage performing the “Glory Days” Music from the 80’s.

It was a huge success with close to a sell out of all available seats at the Guild Theatre.

Centre Stage, themselves said we were among the best audiences they have experienced.

Any other fund raising ideas you may have would be appreciated. 
Kindly contact me telephonically or via e-mail.

“We need to be focused and united in our efforts and for this to be successful we need the support of all Old Port Rexians”


Objectives & Vision

The Objective of The Old Port Rexian Association:


1.         To uphold the traditions and the interest of Port Rex High Technical School in their activities.

2.         To maintain contact with its past pupils, the school and provide a channel of information in both directions about activities, progress and matters of mutual interest.

3.         To promote and regulate social and recreational activities amongst its members.

The Vision of The Old Port Rexian Association:

The vision of the Old Port Rexian Association is to make a difference to Port Rex Technical High School by assisting the scholars, teachers and staff alike.

We aim to assist with scholarships, maintenance to the school, uplifting the school premises and get professional or top coaching to allow the scholars to reach their full potential in their respective sporting fields.

To be able to achieve this vision / goal we need funds – like most Associations.

The Committee has therefore decided to initiate a debit order system for those Old Port Rexians who would like to make a contribution to the Association.

I would like to encourage you to assist.

Old Scholars : Past Pupils : Alumni

OPRA encourages old scholars to provide the association with updated contact details, and assist in building the scholar registers. The registers are the only way in which OPRA can keep in touch. Our registers have migrated through from the stone age and are now hosted securely online at the following online service: logo

We encourage all old scholars to head over and confirm their details or suggest new details, scholars etc. You can also view reunion details, news and announcements, download files and business network at the site.