Monday, March 19, 2018


Tennis interview with Raphalalani Madzena


Interview with Raphalalani Madzena

1: What got you invoved in Tennis?

It's a very interesting sport. Ifind it challenging and I watch it on TV, therefore making me want to become part of the action.


2: What is the selection process regarding teams?

We are currently on a ladder selection where you have to climb your way to the top by playing against a stronger opponent.


3: What is the necessary equipment needed?

The school provides us with the balls. We bring our own Tennis rackets.


4: What are you required to wear?

We wear the Port Rex white golf shirts and the maroon shorts with white takkies and socks.


5:What is your training schedule?

We practice twice a week for an hour each day. Our matches are on Wednesdays.


I love playing Tennis at Port Rex, it keeps me fit. As the captain, I have to make sure everything is in order. We are looking forward to the upcoming season , our spirits are high and we have high expectations.