Monday, March 19, 2018


Netball interview with Analisa Maqubela


Interview with Anelisa Maqubela

1:What got you interested in Netball?

I started playing Netball in Grade 4. I like the Sport, the way the game works and as well as the skill required. I am energetic. Its a team sport and I work well within a team.


2:What position do you play?

Wing attack, because I am fast and short people usually play in the centre court.


3:What is the selection process regarding teams?

Trials include playing a mini match where everybody gets a chance to show their potential. They select two teams that are the top players and they compete against each other. The top 10 players are chosen and they are the official first team

4:What feelings ran through your mind when you were selected for the 1st team?

Excitement ran through me as I have always wanted to play for the first team and  have been working hard to achieve this. I am also excited about the status I will get for playing for the first team.


5:What are the future plans for Netball?

I would like to continue playing for the rest of my high school career. I am not really interested in playing Netball in university, but I would like to start again once Iam working and old enough to  have my own Netball club for the under privileged.



Its my first time playing for the first team and we are really looking forward to the season ahead of us. We are going to have to work hard to compete against other schools. We all have positive attitudes and we believe in each other and with all that I am predicting a good season for us.