Monday, March 19, 2018



The Hostel buildings here were part of the old de La Salle School that occupied these premises before the education department purchased the ground for our use.

The Hostel has adopted the name Frank Cowie House as a link to one of the hostels that were in use when this school was still part of the East London College .

All Grade 8's and 9's are accommodated in two large dorms. The more senior boarders, Grade 10 and 11 are accommodated upstairs in smaller dorms (4 beds) and the Grade 12's are in single rooms if the numbers allow us. This means that there is a separation of the juniors from the more senior pupils.

The Grade 8's have certain duties to perform as Newpots. These include clearing the tables after meals, some cleaning duties in the mornings similar to what you would expect in your home.

Prep is done every evening under supervision of a Hostel master who also supervises meal times etc during the day. Boarders are encouraged to participate and support the activities at school and a competition involving varied activities is run every term to encourage participation and build up the spirit in the Hostel.

There is a strict code of conduct in the Hostel and we do expect everyone to submit to the rules. Life in a hostel is very structured with bells and times for everything

Boarders are allowed to sign out to town one afternoon a week. They may also go to Youth on Friday or to the cinema on Saturday if permission is granted by the Hostel Master on duty.

There is a two tier fee structure with Weekly boarders entitled to all meals from Monday breakfast to Saturday breakfast, while Termly boarders will not be catered for on the one compulsory out weekend per term, when all boarders are expected to spend some quality time at home.