Monday, March 19, 2018

Mechanical Technology

Mechnical Technology


The subject Mechnical Technology focuses on technology processes from conceptual design to practical problem solving , as well as the application of scientific principles. The subject provides scope for the environment of the different process, services and systems used in the production and manufacturing of goods and products.





The following generic concepts are embraced in Mechnical Technology:

  • Safety and medical emergencies.
  • Effective communication techniques and customer relations.
  • Computer applications.
  • Machines and applications thereof.
  • Measuring instruments.
  • Hand and workshop skills.
  • Tools and equipment
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Relevant scientific principles(mathematical and physical)

Educational and career links

The study of mechnical technology builds on the systems, controls, structures and processes found in the technology learning area in the General Education and training band. It serves to further develop the learners knowledge and understanding of levers, pulleys, gears and mechanisms. Learners are also exposed to the use and application of mechanical advantage, designs and structures as applied in design to promote safety and efficiency. Mechnical Technology is designed to promote learners with a sound base that integrates technical and practical competencies.

Study at Higher Education and Training institutions

Mechanical Technology provides a sound foundation for further studies in the Mechnical Engineering field such as:

  • Design and maintenance.
  • Production and project engineers.
  • Metallurgical engineers, lecturer, Teacher pr Researcher.

Study at Further Education and Training institutions

  • Engineering draughting.

World of work / Entrepreneurship / Hobby

  • Automotive mechanic
  • Automotive body repair
  • Earth-moving equipment mechanic.
  • Farm implement mechanic
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration technician.
  • Aircraft technician.