Monday, March 19, 2018


Bridge Building Regulations

SAICE Bridge Building Competition


Teams entering the competition are given a kit that contains a pack of Pratley Epoxy Glue and 12 wooden dowels. The dowels are weighed and strict rules are supplied and the learners have to design and build a bridge. All entries have to pass a very strict registration and scrutinizing stage.

On registration and scrutinizing, the judges check the weight of the bridge (the bridge may not exceed the original weight of the dowels and the extra 40 milligrams that is added due to use of glue). Should the bridge exceed the original weight of the dowels and the weight of the glue, the bridge is disqualified. A model of a vehicle has to pass over the bridge. Further to that, a cradle has to be able to pass over the bridge on the road level for the scale to be connected. A very important regulation is that the whole structure must overlap by 30mm on either side of the support structure.

The winning bridge is the one that can withstand the highest force before it finally collapses.


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