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Participating in the Water Distribution Competition

Water Distribution Competition-16 April 2011


Port Rex Technical High School participated in the annual SAICE Aqualibrium / Water Distribution Competition hosted in the Port Rex De La Salle Hall on Saturday the 16th of April 2011. The competition is open to all Grade 10, 11 and 12 learners. The competition is organized by the Amatola Region of the South African Institute of Civil Engineers or SAICE.

Much fun was had by all participating schools. When the stress of the competition kicks in the scene can be compared to an open heart surgery team conducting an operation with all of these instruments and instructions flying around as well as the desperate grabbing of pipes when they come apart and the water leaks all over the boards.

Port Rex's A team consisting of Jarred Lemmer, Jason Simpson and Luke Kretzman, planned their runs well but Stirling High School had a fantastic run with only 70 penalty points and they competed a 3rd run which awarded them 50 bonus points which gave them a winning score of only 20 penalty points. Beaconhurst A team were placed 2nd, Hoerskool Grens A team 3rd and Port Rex Technical High School A team were 4th.

Congratulations to our boys and we look forward to you winning it next year.


The Editor

Shardee van der WesthuizenCool