Monday, March 19, 2018



SAICE Bridge Building Competition 2011

The Annual Bridge Building competition was held in the Merrifield College Hall on Friday 15 April 2011. The competition is run by SAICE (South African Institute of Civil Engineers) There were a total of 20 school teams participating from the Buffalo City Municipal District, each participating school had to enter two teams.

The teams had to build their bridge before the competition using materials given to them by SAICE as well as adhering to specifications regarding size. The materials were: 12 x 6mm dowls and 1 pack of glue. The bridge was then tested and the bridge which could withstand the greatest force , won. The winning score was calculated by the mass of the supplied kit and the total mass of the bridge and the weight that the bridge could withstand.

The results were as follows:

1ST   PORT REX T H S GRADE 12 TEAM -  Bridge withstood 25kg

          Team Members:       Dale Godfrey

                                          Shalan McKay

                                          Kaiwan Lands

2nd GRENS HOЁRSKOOL – Bridge withstood 23kg

3rd PORT REX T H S GRADE 11 TEAM - Bridge withstood 23kg

            Team Members:     Jarred Lemmer

                                          Luke Kretzmann

                                          Cohan Pretorious

The winning team will be going on a fully paid trip to Johannesburg to compete in the National competition. The participating teams will have to build the bridge in Johannesburg and it will be tested thereafter.

We wish our Grade 12 team good luck!