Monday, March 19, 2018



First Aid is first hand help given to an injured person. Before any further treatment, a first aider is required to examine the casualty and reduce the risk of any further injuries.


I am a level one first aider at Port Rex Technical High School and it is of my great delight to state that the First Aid at Port Rex is of a high standard. Compliments have flooded in by opposing schools and by parents. Last year an article was written about the high standard and urgency of Port Rex’s First Aid, which was very motivating and caused us to strive to uplift and improve our services and take it to greater heights.

Many are unaware and not fully educated about the great importance of First Aid. People/pupils must understand that First Aid is much more than applying ice on an injury or rubbing deep heat on a sore muscle. It is also about keeping calm in a difficult situation and making sure that the casualty is comfortable. This is a skill that needs to be perfected and could determine the future well-being of the casualty.

For a learner to be a qualified first aider, certain requirements need to be met. To be a first aider at Port Rex you need to have a Level one qualification. During the June holidays, as a volunteer you can do level 1, 2 and 3 for free, but thereafter you have to work at sporting events. I will be doing my level two in the June holidays.

The First Aiders at Port Rex do First Aid at Rugby, Hockey and Netball on Derby days.

As a First Aider you can make many new friends and earn the respect of many people. There are even awards and recognition after you have qualified and served in First Aid.

If you are interested in becoming a first aider simply contact Mr Logan jnr. No matter if you are about to start at Port Rex or you are already attending the school you can still help save a life!!!

Become a First Aider TODAY and HELP SAVE lives.