Monday, March 19, 2018




“They argue because they like argument, like the swift nin of the unfelt mind along the paths of possibility, wed to question what was not questioned.”

The Dispossessed -   Ursula Le Guin

Debating is fast, competitive and intense. It requires concentration, quick thinking, engagement, knowledge, confidence and wit. It’s a great way to feel alive! “They” say that about adventure sports and debating is a bit like an adventure sport, testing yourself, pushing you limits, adrenaline increases through your veins. It’s addictive! You either love it or you hate it.

Because debating is an adversarial system, you learn, if you are a debater, to enjoy an adversarial relationship without it being unpleasant: you can handle friendly competition and disagreeing is not just the end of a conversation, it is the beginning. You find yourself immersed in a world full of fun interesting topics. Weather debating about news, politics, the economy or anything else that is placed on the table with other debaters; you’ll never find yourself bored. However the real reasons why we debate happen in the room. It’ is that moment, after just minutes of thinking about it, when you stand up and present in eight minutes, the best argument using exactly the right information, constructed perfectly , delivered with wit and eloquence, the best, most persuasive argument and you sit down-adrenaline still pumping, feeling so incredibly alive. That is why we debate !